Battle Hero
First of all we want to welcome you to Battle Hero, the first game which will reward you directly every minute you spend on it, both in fun and economically. Remember that Battle Hero is Free to Play and Play to Earn.
Battle Hero's project intention was from the very start to create an NFT game where users could be rewarded when they play it, as more hours are spent playing and enjoying this fun game more coins will be redeemned by them. This game was developed by and for players.
What sets us apart from our competence is the "All Included Model" that we provide, where you can enjoy the game in different ways, in a more active way playing every day and opting to be the best in tournaments, leagues, events ... or simply staking your characters and visiting the game daily to see your daily rewards or maybe you just want to play to open chests and make your team stronger and more valuable. Remember that Battle Hero has its own marketplace where you can trade, sell and buy any hero or weapon with Battle Hero as an intermediary in a quick, easy and secure way.
As you can see Battle Hero is not just a game, it is the result of solving an accumulation of needs that we consider necessary in any NFT game. Thanks to Unity and its 3D game technology we have been able to create more than 5000 possible combinations between heroes, weapons and rarities and 5 maps that will be available in the final version of the game.
Remember that each Hero or Weapon has an unique gene that defines it. According to our numbers there are more than 1 million total combinations. In addition, each Hero or Weapon has 5 rarities with 4 different stats + 1 training level. These stats range in value from 1 to 1XX depending on their rarity, but if this wasnt good enought, think about this, you can combine each Hero and Weapon as you want, isnt it great? That increases its rarity, power and value in the market. ¡BOOM!
But... What about the 3D In-Game modes? You'll be amazed, as of today we already contemplate 5 In-Game game modes 1vs1, 2vs2, 3vs3, 5vs5, 10vs10 etc..
Any type of player is rewarded with tokens. Whether they are stacking players, In-Game 3D players or marketplace players as everything is fully compatible.
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