AirDrops and IDO
We want to give everyone the opportunity to participate in the start of the game, so we have divided the distribution of tokens in 3, where everyone will be able to participate, forming a total of 12% of the total supply of BATH tokens. There will be between all of them: 120.000.000 BATH in circulation. Remember that 25% of the BATH purchased will be delivered monthly in order to improve the economy of the token and to make sure that the token is not devaluated.
So, if you have purchased 1000 BATH, you will receive 250 at purchase, 250 after 30 days, 250 after 60 days and 250 after 90 days.
The minimum purchase will be 0.01 BNB.

Pre-sales summary

Total number of tokens
Private Investment (25% delivery per month)
0.005 BUSD
AirDrop (WhiteList) (25% monthly delivery)
0.005 BUSD
IDO (Open) (25% delivery month)
0.01 BUSD

Explanation of each pre-sale

Private Investment - BATH 0.005 BUSD

The Private investment is focused on those investors and partnerships that trust us from minute 0 of this project. These are already pre-selected.

Airdrop ( - BATH 0.005 BUSD

This Airdrop is focused on chance, thanks to the platform where you can participate for free, you can choose to be one of those selected to get your portfolio into WhiteList.
Keep in mind that the more entries you make on, the more chances you will have to enter WhiteList.

IDO (Public) - BATH 0.01 BUSD

The IDO is for all those who want to participate, without prior whitelist. They will just have to log in and make the purchase of the tokens you want.