As a new way to reward those who hold our token we have developed $BATH staking for "Lottery Tickets"
  • There are no $BATH limits for staking.
  • For every 50 $BATH in staking, during 15 days you will get 1 Lottery Ticket. For example, if you put 5000 $BATH in staking, in 15 days you will be able to claim 100 Lottery Tickets.
  • Once the 15 days have passed, the staking will continue and of course, you will continue generating tickets in a proportional way. So, if in 15 days you get 100 Lottery Tickets, if you continue staking in 20 days you will get 20 Lottery Tickets.
  • ROnce the 15 days have passed you can claim whenever you want. In that claim, as we have said before, you will claim the proportional part of the Lottery Tickets that you are entitled to.
  • You can withdraw the $ BATH from the staking whenever you want, but if you withdraw it before 15 days you will not get the reward of the Lottery Tickets.
The Lottery will start every Monday at 00:00 UTC and end every Sunday at 23:59 UTC.
  • 10% of the participating tickets will get a dual chest.
  • 20% of the participating tickets will be returned
  • 2 of the participating tickets will get a mythical chest, 1 Hero and 1 Weapon.
  • 4 of the participating tickets will get a legendary chest, 2 Heroes and 2 Weapons.
  • 8 of the participating tickets will get an epic chest, 4 Heroes and 4 Weapons.
To be bale to create a scalable lottery we will take into account the total opened chests opened the week before, this allows us to give prizes without affecting negatively the market.
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