P2E battles in DAPP
Can you imagine those typical days when you don’t have a good AIM, you don’t feel like playing… or you are not a player at all, but you feel like living the P2E experience. From this idea the DAPP battles are born, where we offer an alternative to the conventional game while respecting the stats of your NFTS. In these battles you will be able to simulate a fight in a decentralized way. But not only that, you and only you will be in charge of creating these battles, and where you and only you will choose the rules. To make it even clearer, you will be the one to decide what will be the highest rarity, the number of people who will participate and how much BATH will be the entrance fee for the battle. Once the room is generated, any other player will be able to enter to fight. Thanks to the statistics of your NFTs and an algorithm we will give an overall value to your combination for that game. The higher your combined stats, the more likely you are to win. But that’s not all, the algorithm will make you fight randomly (and simulated) with another pair of Heroes and Weapons in the room. It will discard opponents until it generates a list of winners. There is also a small factor, let’s call it “luck”, that will end up tilting the battle to one side or the other. As for the prizes, only the top 3 will receive rewards. 50% of the total will go to the winner, 25% of the total to the second place finisher and the last 15% of the total to the third place finisher. The rest, 10% of the total, will be burned. Let’s take an example, if the entry of the room is 100 BATH and the maximum is 10 players. The total generated from the room will be 100*10=1.000BATH. The prizes will be 500 BATH for 1st place, 250 BATH for 2nd place and 150 BATH for 3rd place. The rest will receive nothing in return. And 100 BATH will be burned.

How to participate in the battle

0. In the battle menu you will be able to see all the active rooms. In each of them you will see the maximum rarity allowed, the maximum number of players allowed, the status of that battle and the bid needed to enter it. At this point, you can decide to enter any of the rooms or create your own, where you will set the rules.
(OPTION 1) 1a. If you decide to generate your room you must choose a Hero and Weapon followed by the amount needed to enter your room and the number of players. At this point, it should be noted that the highest rarity you add to the battle, will be the highest rarity that the opponents will be able to choose. That is, if your room is generated with Common Hero and Epic Weapon. The highest rarity that the opponents will be able to enter with is Epic, being able to place Hero and Weapon Epic NFTs or lower.
(OPTION 2) 1b. If you are sure that this battle is for you, simply choose “ENTER” in the desired room. In this room, you must choose the Hero and Weapon that will go to the battle. Remember, if the room is Epic, you will not be able to choose rarities higher than Epic.
2. Once the room is full, the algorithm will start working. A 1 minute counter will mark the rhythm of the game.
3. Once the counter reaches 0, we will be able to check the position in which we have been. (It will not be necessary to make a transaction to find out if you are a winner). If we have been lucky and we are among the top 3, it will be time to claim that coveted prize. If, on the other hand, you are not on the podium, you will have to take the defeat.


Can I fight with the same Heroes and Weapons in different rooms? Yes, your Heroes and Weapons can battle in different rooms at the same time.
Do I have limits? No, you have no limits. You can fight as many times as you want.
What happens if the room does not reach the maximum number of players? If the room does not reach the maximum number of players required, it will not start. If after 48 hours it has not reached the maximum number of players.The room will allow you to disable it, a new button will appear to cancel the room, and we will be able to withdraw our Hero and Weapon from the battle.
Can I go to battle with Heroes and Weapons starter pack? Yes, you can fight with Heroes and Weapons starter pack.
Can I use my Heroes and Weapons even if they are in training? Yes, you will be able to train your Heroes and Weapons at the same time you go to battle.